Photobucket just got greedy - 3rd party hosting now $400/yr

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Re: Photobucket just got greedy - 3rd party hosting now $400

Postby plant_one » Tue May 09, 2023 12:30 pm

Kazutora wrote:Photobucket may make a quick buck from the price change, as some members may feel pressured in paying up so that their images are displayed again on third-party sites.

I think that many more will leave Photobucket and use another service instead for image hosting. This may be fueled by site-wide bans of the service.
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The plan is overpriced in my opinion, not only because there are free alternatives available out there, but also because you may sign up for a VPS or web hosting account instead for a fraction of the price that Photobucket charges.

Even if it would be priced reasonably, and Photobucket has any right to adjust its pricing, blocking images without prior notice or migration options, especially since this was free before, is not the most elegant of ways to go about it.

oh they sent out all kinds of emails.

told us we could download our content if we wanted it, you were supposed to be able to download entire folders as a zip file - but the feather was fucked from go and has yet to be fixed afaik.

the side has more ads that a clickbait "news" article as to make it esentially non-functional.

so the super fucked part is, content creaters cant even go back and get their content without paying. especially if you have more than the rediculus "free" hosting threshold of like 100 pics or something (been a minute since i've been there to recall what the # is)

wild Poo though, holding everyones IP hostage like that. stunned there hasnt been a class action yet tbh.
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Re: Photobucket just got greedy - 3rd party hosting now $400

Postby coyote wacker » Thu May 11, 2023 7:36 am

Went Photobucket pulled there pay $400 Poo I balled out and took all my pictures with me right away...I just cannot believe people fell into that trap and are still paying....
Do know one person that has there own web site and they payed and payed Photobucket finely they has enough and bailed out....he said should have bail out in the very beginning and it would have been a lot easer....
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